Disturbing reptilian creature with the abilities to deepthroat an entire turtle and either regurgitate the carapace at breakneck speeds or instantaneously form it into a sizable egg and pass it through its cloaca. It often frustrates some people with its inability to maintain either a wholly spitting or swallowing policy. Also, a reputed lover of the equally ambiguous Birdo.
Nintendo "gamer": Hey Yoshi, spits or swallows?
Yoshi: (inane gibberish possibly meaning "I will deepthroat your entire being and then decide.")
by jgthomas January 10, 2007
to be extremely Stoned.
i was hanging out with Yoshi at my family reunion when my Uncle, who is a cop, showed up with his drug dog.

lets all go hang out with Yoshi!

are you chillin with Yoshi?

by Radio's Lucky Dragon May 19, 2010
A verb/noun meaning the act of receiving oral sex; derived from the sound that Yoshi makes in games such as Mario Kart/Party/Super Mario. The sound is similar to when a female is surprised with a cum present a.k.a jizz in her mouth. When swallowing is not an option. Sounds like: "Mlawwhhp!!!"
"That yoshi I got last night was superb!"
"That girl is great at giving head, she should give yoshi lessons."
"Peach gave Yoshi a yoshi while Mario angrily watched.
"Dude I cant come over right now, I'm getting yoshied."
by Danksquad December 05, 2008
The best fucking dinosaur there was.
The yoshi crushed the fuck out of the koopa
by ArfSnarf November 05, 2013
The cutest must adorable person known to mankind
My Yoshi oh how I love you
by Esolomi April 26, 2015
The nickname that one can give people with the name Yoshua. The funny bro. That guy that makes people laugh and is a party type of guy. Can be a little bit weird.
"Yoshi, tell this guy the joke that almost made me piss my pants last week."
by That Reliable Bro July 08, 2014
A really dumb person.
Mario: Oh no! Don't run off the cliff yoshi!
by Tinyds September 28, 2013

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