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Yo•lo•dex ˈyōləˌdeks noun

A list of contacts and friends who might assist in any particularly dumb, dangerous, or otherwise shortsightedly bad idea (cf. YOLO.)

Origin late 2012: from Rolodex + YOLO 'You Only Live Once'
Guy 1: We're gonna need some help setting off all these homemade fireworks.
Guy 2: For sure. Let me hit up my Yolodex– I know some guys who'd be all over this.

Guy: I'm pretty drunk, but I don't want to go to the tattoo parlor by myself. I'll check my Yolodex to see which of my bros want to come too.

Guy: That was totally sick– give me your card so I can add you to my Yolodex. I'll call you once you're out of the hospital.
by warriormoet September 07, 2012
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