A stupid word invented by Drake meaning, 'You only live once'.

It is often used by butt pirates in song, and by inbred/handicapped people who cannot manage to say the entire phrase.
"Yolo, yolo a faggot's life for me!"

-Butt Pirates
by sOMeonEUNo April 30, 2012
Your Opinion Lacks Originality

A term used condescendingly in reply of someone saying YOLO
Tool: Tonight is going to be crazy...YOLO
Normal Human: I can't wait...YOLO
by Brayson April 29, 2012
A word hipsters use too much that pisses society off.
John: Wanna go kill someone?

Dave: yolo lets go !
by Tbuck April 28, 2012
You Only Live Once - The dickhead's excuse for every bad thing they do in life
Normal Person: Why did you just throw that chair at that baby?

Dickhead: YOLO bitches
by YOLOsaidtheBuddhist April 28, 2012
Persons displaying "yolo" be it a tee shirt, tattoo, or bumper sticker are informing other persons that they enjoy anal sex.
Look at my tattoo... it is yolo and yes i like anal..
by MasiisaM April 28, 2012
Student 1- "I ate a candy bar. YOLO!"

Student 2- "You obviously lack originality?"
by yellowolf April 26, 2012
The lame excuse to do stupid stuff
drinking, drugs, getting high, sex with multiple people yolo
by adree_marie April 26, 2012

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