You Obviously Look Obese.
Customer: "Can I order 2 double cheeseburgers, large fries, onion rings, milkshake, and a large Coke."

Cashier: YOLO
by SkinnyBetch August 11, 2012
You obviously lack originality
People think they're Drake cos they can say the acronym YOLO again , NEVER say this at a funeral

'Shes such a slut her favorite acronym is YOLO
by PussayMuncherrr August 04, 2012
A type of pasta
Dude, that YOLO was delish!
by pasta master July 30, 2012
The modern reinterpretation of Horace's classic aphorism, "carpe diem".
"...dum loquimur, fugerit invida
aetas: carpe diem quam minimum credula postero."

"yo lets get crunked we gonna PAR-TAY LIKE THE WORLDS ENDIN #YOLO"
by spacefish July 05, 2012
You Only Live Once. A stupid motto that countless teenagers live by because it gives them the excuse to be promiscuous, commit crimes, drink underage, do drugs and deny responsibility for their actions.
"LOL I totally just put some guy's window through. YOLO."


"You know when you hit Brad in the head with a cricket bat?"
"He died in hospital last night. The police are looking for you"
"Oh well YOLO."
by Suckmyduck June 25, 2012
an acronym meaning You Only Live Once, usually used to excuse stupid actions.
"Brett, no, don't facecheck that bush! A Garen could be in it."

"Fuck dat shit, YOLO!"
by dayundalion June 21, 2012
what a tool says when they mean carpe diem or when they are about to do something that will kill or seriously injure them
guy 1: i don't think you can make that jump
guy 2: YOLO!
by jebus rainbowhammer June 21, 2012

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