A violet flower that has a quiet beauty. They are mostly purple, which is a sign of royalty, class and sophistication. They can also be mysterious, hard to figure out. If compared to a woman they would be considered very intelligent with a wicked sense of humor and full of intrigue. They blow softly in the wind with a graceful air. They have a soft fragrance that captivates when sniffed.
other flowers: I wish I could be like Yolanda.

Everytime I see a flower garden I always pick the Yolandas's.

Yolanda's are the prettiest flowers in the world.

Nothing smells as good as a Yolanda.

I have never seen a Yolanda as beautiful as that.
by zsa-zsa February 03, 2010
Top Definition
This is usally a minority name for either black or hispanic girls,some italians aswell. Yolanda's are very intelligent and sexy.They are loyal friends and are very sexual.
Yolanda is my best friend.
by Yolandita February 03, 2010
Beautiful, sexy, intelligent, smart, honest and loyal, very sentimental, she cares and loves to help others sometimes too much. Knows how to be sexual, sex goddess to many. Always has several admires after her at one time. Very social gets along with everybody mostly males. Laughs about everything. Her beauty, her attitude is what draws men to her. Expects respect and honored from them as she will treat her men likewise. Yolanda is a girl that knows what she is worth and will not settle for less always strives to succeed. Always knows what is best for her. Very mature for her age. She is "the girl" that is very easy for a man to fall in love with yet it's so hard "for her" to fall in love with a man, but when she does she will be the most loyal, honest and caring girlfriend/wife any man would want.

So fellas if u find a Yolanda keep her. Most likely many men out there want her as well, but if she chooses you consider yourself lucky, take good care of her even of she is taken her admires will try to steal her love. Love her back don't let her go for if u do she will have many choices out there to pick from and most likely "they" won't let her go like you did.
by Meaning for Yolanda May 16, 2013
A violet flower, a lovely person who is loyal and kind
Oh that Yolanda is such a pretty color.

You are such a Yolanda.
by jumpdogbark February 03, 2010
A very fine, classy, yet funny individual who is not snobby and anti-social.
"Damn that chick is on her Yolanda swagg."
by cheeky2010 April 09, 2010
Name for the alter ego of your drunk friend. She loves port by the fire and Harry potter erotica dreams. Keep your friends close but keep Yolanda closer. Avada tequila!
After Rachel's 9th shot of tequila she turned in to Yolanda, and the real party officially began.
by Spicy_tim April 27, 2016
The stereotypical name for a Mexican cleaning lady
Yolanda took forever to clean my house yesterday
by EliTheBusDriver June 05, 2016
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