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A girl's butt after a guy comes in it.
I totally want to yogurt cup that girl's ass!
by dlievery June 01, 2011
a sarcastic term used to imply that the subject (primarily male, but may be used with females) at one time had semen present in his/her mouth
"Brad is running his yogurt cup."
"Brad, shut your yogurt cup!"
by ekoostik_lucy July 21, 2006
Relatively new vulgar slang describing the unattainable object of a man's (or woman's) affection. Can be a specific person, type of person, or fantasy.

Essentially, masturbation fodder you're never going to bed.

Derived from the supposed similarity in appearance between semen or female sexual fluid and vanilla yogurt.
"I merely insulted your yogurt cup! I don't find Jessica Simpson attractive, that's all!"

"My boyfriend is your yogurt cup?! He's mine!"

"Scat? Wow, you have the sickest taste in yogurt cups."
by Khonsu May 01, 2006

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