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n A mildly derogatory term for a tree hugging liberal. It combines yoghurt - the food of choice of hippies - with knitting - a reference to the arts and craft movement. It also carries slight overtones of being a wanker.

A yoghurt knitter is generally ineffectual. He impedes or tries to impede others rather than actually going out and doing something.
The yoghurt knitters were at the meeting so naturally nothing got done.

I tried to build an extension on my house but the yoghurt knitters didn't like the design. They said it was too big or something.

I said, "Madam Chairman" but the yoghurt knitters said I had to call her "Chairperson".
by The Thumb Spinner July 26, 2011
n A male who indulges in masturbation or yoghurt knitting. Unlike the word wanker this is more a statement of fact rather than an insult.
That guy is a real yoghurt knitter. He became an associate member of the mile high club when he took one off the wrist in the toilet of a jumbo.
by The Thumb Spinner July 26, 2011
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