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excess fat hanging from that you would call the underneath of someone's chin. its quite unattractive. Sometimes u cant tell if the person even has a neck.
Look at that yodle under Rody's chinn; wtf, where's his neckkk?
#fat #chin #neck #rody #ugly #no neck #wtf is that under ur chin
by idless in idaho AKA I-da-HOE March 10, 2009
A form of singing for entertainment.
Yodling is for pansies?
by larstait October 14, 2003
A greeting said to friends and family.
Micah says, "Hey Chad!" Chad replies, "Yodles!"
#hi #whats up #hey #yo #good to see you
by Giantyetti October 24, 2011
( Yo-Dle ) - noun - a word used to express an amusing greet.
person 1- hello!

person 2- yodle!
#hello #hi #hey #wusup #sup
by YODLE USER August 02, 2010
hello, hi, just anything that means hello...
(phone rings)
person 1: YODLE
person 2: hi im a fat bastard that smells like shit and i am gay, and a tranni!
#yodle #fat #bastard #gay #tranni #fuckyou
by ME NOT TELLING December 13, 2008
The "man's" equivalent of saying holla.
1. 'Ay, my boy right here wanna yodle at cha'
2. 'Yodle, what you be doin'
3. 'I gotta go, but yodle back.'
by Head Whitey November 20, 2003
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