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A variation of "Yoked" is urban talk or rap meaning Equallyoked;

DEFINITION: v. Equallyoked means that a person who couples up and bonds with another is of the same of very similar civil identity, i.e., equal in groups such as; ethnicity, race, color, political membership, religion, ages, sexual orientation, and marital status n. Liberalists maintain that it means sharing the same spirit.

Pronunciation: e’ quol-lee yook’d

Etymology: Equally (of sameness); yoked (bonded together as a team).
Sentence: An example of being a rap song saying Yoaked; meaning 'equallyoked' and is when a couple share the same civil identity and spirit and are for example, two divorcees about the same age, without children, date and marry one another-each of them as a couple are white, republican, christian and heterosexual whose ancestors are from quite close areas of Europe.
by ijohn4v8 February 15, 2012

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