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A person who uses other people like yo-yos.
similar to a player but with a less negative connotation
Or a person who just changes their mind about liking a person a lot.
We gotta be yo-yoers, we're gonna play those guys, not let them play us!

He said he wanted me, then he didn't, then he wanted me back. What a yo-yoer.
by Erica Marie March 18, 2008
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one who demonstrates an expertise in the area of yoyos and has mastered yoyo tricks.
Yoyoer champs include the following Mark Montgomery (AP) US
Johnnie DelValle (A) USA Shinji Saito (AA) Japan Daisuke Shimada (AAA) Japan Rafael Matsunga (CW) Brazil Eiji Okuyama (OS) Japan.
by G squared October 24, 2006
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A person who is unable to stay for an extended period of time in silent study areas of university libraries.
by Shkorf January 29, 2011
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someone who uses the word "Yo" too much.
person 1: huh?
person 2: TEEN ANGST, YO
person 1: like, they have anxiety?
person 2: Teen Angst is satire, YO.
person 1: you have officially used up all your YOs for the day.
person 2: hahaha. The second one was just a repeat of the first. Does that still count?
person 1: no, but you're an official Yo-Yo-er.
by djtronika January 05, 2012
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