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The sole meaning of Ylenia, is sex.

Anyone with the name Ylenia has a beauty that can be only described as "orgasmic".
Person 1 " Hey, I was hanging out with Ylenia yesterday!"

Person 2 "LUCKY! every time I look at her I feel like I just received a Happy Ending Massage..... it's actually very weird."
by Ylenia July 01, 2009
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Ylenia is the definition of cool. A true hipster and lover of Jesus and those around her. Defines directly to sunshine, or sunray and this shows very promiently in her personality and style. Once you know Ylenia, you won't ever want to leave.
Ethan: Man, have you met that Ylenia?
George: She is pretty neat, dude.

Ethan: Yeah man, she looks like a sunshine
I gotta get to know her.
by ivy&twine September 17, 2012

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