pronoun to denote a person of unspecified gender.

he, she, yit, it.
If someone calls while I am gone, ask yit to leave a message.
by january girl June 30, 2005
A scratch, scuff or mark on a record.
Robbo: "Have you got anymore copies of this please? It has yit on it."


'Bev went through her record collection only to discover there was excessive yit on a copy of her favourite Dan Hartman single.'
by Jay21 May 03, 2006
Yuppie In Training. See yuppie for more information.
Look at that YIT with the mocha frap. What a tard.
by xcopy January 15, 2008
shortened version of the phrase " are you right mate? "
that looked like it hurt, yit ?
by kkree March 25, 2007
poo which is very yum
this poo is very yum
by jimbo August 07, 2004

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