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A beautiful girl. She is usually silly, caring, daring, loving, amazing, and sexy. This girl could be your greatest companion, friend, and lover. She will take care of you and treat you how you deserve to be. This girl is the girl of your dreams. Perfection.
Have you seen Yisel? She makes my heart melt. He is lucky to have her.
by MassDistruction October 11, 2011
A person who can't pronounce "thousand"... but she is the coolest eva! She hates Ivan!
Luke: What can I get for you
Yisel: I want a burger with Mayo, lechu, peeckles, moostard, oh i wanted peechu too.

Luke: wtf is a ppichu...
Yisel: No homo
by chola2013 September 10, 2011
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