A word that originated as a description of an animals sound, most often linked to the sounds foxes and small dogs make. Used as a word, it can be an exclamation of excitement or to get ones attention. Some times it is also used as an affirmative substituting the word yes. The word is popular in the 'furry' community as well.
Cassandra yipped to get her mate's attention
Word used to mean yes, or yeah.

Person 1: Hey, its sunny today!
Person 2: Yip!
by cK. March 30, 2003
A derogatory term for an English man/woman. Often used as a racist name to encapsulate English arrogance, ignorance and sense of entitlement.
Mostly used in reference to public school educated people.
I'd like to punch that f***ing yip, he thinks he's Rod Stewart
by Streetkidy2k January 08, 2011
Young Impressionable Pussy
Tom to Dan

Oh look at that fine YIP at the bar
by brixhamboyo August 14, 2010
When you suddenly and unexpectedly lose the ability to perform a simple, everyday task, and then follow by messing up the attempt completely.
For example, one could be holding a cup of coffee and instead of raising it as intended to your mouth, you fling it across the room.
"Man, did you see that? I yipped a treat just there!"
by Bravura July 23, 2004
A slang term for ecstasy tablets originating from the Republic of Ireland.
Look at that lad over there chewing the gums off of himself, he must have had about 12 yips!
by DungeonKeeper7 November 13, 2011
a person who uses a windows computer or any other microsoft product
Look at that Yip over there playing Warcraft on his Dell computer.
by KING O' FENK! April 15, 2011

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