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A small dog that is, usually, under one foot in length that is considered to be an annoying little runt that barks/yips during an event that is considered to be a significantly minor occurrence. Yipjobs have a tendency to piss and/or crap on floors and/or other things (including people) upon processing the fact that said event has happened. One should keep in mind that things that happen in humans/normal dogs' everyday life aren't the only things that set off a Yipjob's vocal chords. Other reasons for a Yipjob to yip are usually random things too. The most common type of Yipjob is a Maltese.
HUSBAND (TO WIFE): I hope you know that the freaking breeder lied through her teeth about this rat.
WIFE (TO HUSBAND): Honey! First off, its a gift for our daughter because today is her 10th birthday. Secondly, he's not a rat! He's a Yipjob!
by TyTyJewBoy August 07, 2009
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