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A name given to someone who cheaps out of a simple situation.
"You can't even take out the garbage, Ricky?! you're such a fucking YINCE!"
by sweetsugargurl November 12, 2009
1. A high pitched sound made when the Y'incer removes his hand sliding it across his hair after tricking the Y'incie into a fake high five, this is normally done by the mentally handicapped as a form of amusement usually resulting in akward moments of silence.

2. Sometimes used as a substitution for everyday verbs (see examples)
Guy1: hey man high five *holds out his hand*
Guy2: *goes to high five guy1*
Guy1: *Pulls hand away and slides it across his hair* Y'INCE!!

Bobby:Dude jeff how was last night with karla
Jeff: Fuckin awesome she Y'inced my wee wee all night

OMG dude she totally Y'inced my wanker
by LemonNormalGuy May 20, 2009
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