Really should be pronounced "Yiddishe Kaup" which means a Jewish Head. Brains, guys. The opposite of Shit For Brains.
Einstein - now there's a Yiddishe Kaup or Yiddish cup.
by Esther Malka May 18, 2009
A phrase popularized by Neil Baumann meaning "yarmulke," the head covering Jews are often depicting of wearing.
"You must have lost your Yiddish cup!"

"You must have lost your mind!"
by ArchDuke January 12, 2006
A non existant word used by Neil Bauman in an email to Max Goldberg regarding 'The day of YTMND' a conflict that was sparked after ebaumsworld stole a .gif from a YTMND user created site. No known meaning of this term exists.
"Obviously you have lost possesion of your Yiddish Cup." - Neil Bauman, in a 'Cease and Desist' Email To Max Goldberg.
by Colin 'Zincster' Thiessen January 11, 2006

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