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The male form of Yuss (young pussy)

The accepted name for young attractive boys. (young dick)
Did you see Ryan?
Yeah such a little yick
by Yickety November 21, 2012
10 2
a name that began as a substitute for the expletive "spick", but came to be applied to any vulnerable person walking the streets. particularly applied when yelling out of cars at groups of people at night, in order to startle/intimidate them.
you pussy yick! come outside so i can kick your ass!
by Yokes1121 September 17, 2010
190 29
Expression of disgust; fusion of yuck and ick. Similar to eww.
Yick, look at that horrible colour scheme.
by M.C. Brown Shoes December 02, 2005
37 23
A selfish, horrible person
Your a yick.
by ppppppppppooopppppppppp July 16, 2008
18 18
A snortable substance, usually an upper or speedy drug of some kind.
Who wants to drive up to 168th street to buy some yick from Lincoln?
by smackhead April 21, 2003
13 23
another word for jizzing or ejaculating, mostly sudden and unplanned onto another unexpecting person
"dude i just yicked on that girl!"
by Cerberusx September 09, 2009
14 25
A large well proportioned ass.
Damn bro that chick got yick!!
by Booty D. Farnsworth January 18, 2008
4 19