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Someone who yells while texting. Similar to sexting, yet more creative and common.
Stop yexting at me, ya nincompoop!
by Jlundbeezy February 03, 2010
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to yell through text message
Stop yexting me!

All she did was yext me all day.
by LDOG87 December 16, 2009
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When someone yells THROUGH texting via all capital letters, foul language, and several !!!!. . Sometines poor spelling is a sign of yexting as the sender is having a meltdown.

why are u yexting at me??😭
by PetawawaBoy October 30, 2016
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1. Texting with many mistakes.
2. Texting while driving
1. I was texting Maddie and she started yexting like craxy.
2. That girl is yexting!
by Bob Kinkenburkenmingle July 24, 2008
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