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I've been hearing this one alot lately, it's what you call someone that goes out of their way to appear "Irish".
They are just "Irish wannabe's" and look foolish showing off thier Irish pride (no Irish blood) while in a crowd of people with true Irish roots. Very common in cities that have Irish neighborhoods such as Boston and New York. They'll be the people in the St Paddy's day parade wearing anything green and "kiss me I'm Irish" buttons. They should be wearing "kiss me I'm a YETMAN" buttons instead.
Wow! Look at that lady wearing that green face paint, she is such a yetman!
by Shawna O October 26, 2009
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Yetman is what you would call someone that is not really

Irish, but pretends to be. They tend to go out of their way

with bumper stickers and patches of shamrocks and Irish

flags, to try to blend in with people that are of "real"

Irish decent. They are typically loud and obnoxious, all due

to trying to pretend to be Irish.
Man, that dude with the shamrock bumper stickers is such a Yetman!
by Paddy Cakes October 25, 2009
An obnoxious but fun loving people that are known for their luck and occasional rowdiness.
"That Yetman, he is one crazy dude."
by Russell Alden November 20, 2003

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