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Having the proportions or appearance of a Yeti. Unusually large, obese, hirsute or aesthetically displeasing.
The foul-mannered yetinous woman I had the misfortune to sit next to devoured two Big Macs, fries and Coke, a large packet of crisps and two king-sized Mars Bars in the space of five minutes.
by Der Polizei Grammatik October 31, 2007
After walking thru my local town centre today, teeming with large obese people, I spied an absolute huge specimen of the female kind, not unlike a Yeti in size and stature.

I wondered how to describe this giant being of Yeti like proportions and concluded that some one yetinous is a person, so obese and huge they are like the legendary Yeti.

And smell just as bad! can also apply this to males as well.
'Look at that yetinous bitch, I bet she can't keep her head out of the fridge.'
by Freshmans October 31, 2007
(adj) someone who is so overweight that gargantuan isn't quite enough
"This woman was of Yeti-like dimensions and at that point my dilemma was arrived upon. How to describe such a titanic mass of adipose tissue and angry stretch marks?? Yes, I think Yetinous is the one for me"
by baldmosher October 31, 2007