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an expression or gesture of greeting -- used interjectionally in greeting, in answering the telephone, or to express surprise at a biatch's rack
<phone rings> "Yes mate".
by stevil May 05, 2003
22 13
A response in the affirmative
"Did you slam my wife?"

"Yes Mate."
by tommy d May 01, 2003
49 16
A top dance record label.
If it ain't bangin', it ain't Yes Mate!
by Filthy Rich February 22, 2006
4 10
A greeting.
(phone rings)

by Ted May 04, 2003
7 13
to express or agree with the pitiful plight of a football club
Mate, jees those doggies are shithouse aren't they?

Fuckin' YES MATE
by soopacoach May 12, 2003
9 16
a hospitable greeting with courtesy or cordiality
As the Mexican entered 80 Nott Street he first wiped his bare feet on the doormat with the inscription which pellucidly read: Yes Mate.
by stevil May 08, 2003
3 13