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A shorter version of "You Heard Me?"
We be gettin mad bitches tonight, YERM!?
by Brian Kohler April 24, 2004
Describing a person who is good company.

An entertainer, or class act. (Usually a male)

Someone who is likable, and amusing at the same time.
If there is Someone you see every so often, and just get either happy or excited, or if your mood changes positively, you describe that Someone as being a Yerm. Or simply call them Yerm.

Prefixes describing the person like small, big, tiny etc. can be used. For example, Big Yerm.
by SBViking2009 April 09, 2009
yummy sperm as in the sexually seasoned manjuice from a male ejaculated penile area, mostly used as a descriptive noun by nymphos or horny women
Guy 1: Dude last night was effing crazazy the girl was a freak.
Guy 2: That's INTENSE! What was she saying?
Guy 1: She was like MORE YERM MORE YERM!
by justin duong foo February 14, 2008
In a lunar calendar, a period somewhat like a year in which the odd numbered months have 30 days and the even number months have 29 days.
Also the time it takes for the mean synodic month to fall half a day behind the 29.5 day cycle.
A lunar calendar can constructed from yerms of 17 and 15 months.
by Karl Palmen April 23, 2003
A sperm on legs, usually running.
Wow, look at that yerm run!
by MICAELA.B April 26, 2008
Another Word for cool
oh my god luisa your word is yerm
by *spamy* June 04, 2006
To easily squish
The pillow is yermable
by Julie January 26, 2003
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