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Machinima's (The company) retarded little brother.
YouTube User: Yeousch is awesome!
YouTube User #2: You mean Machinima's retarded little brother? Yeousch is like the Bing of the YouTube world.
by BuTTnUGGET March 04, 2012
Pronounced (Yao-sh)

An exclamation, of anger, happiness, frustration, or sadness. Something that is by definition undefinable; Yeousch IS. Common exclamation is: YEOUSCH, DAMNIT!

Also, it is a company associated with Media and Content - especially surrounding video gaming media. Working with the Youtube video industry, Yeousch has various directors, partners, and staff members sort of like Machinima. Founded in Spring/Summer 2011, they are one of the fastest Youtube-Gaming Networks.
Dude, that's awesome! YEOUSCH, DAMNIT!
Well... that's cool news... but all I gotta say is... Yeousch.
You heard of Yeousch? They're going to pass Machinima one day!
Dude, you heard of that guy named Chaos Silencer? He's one of the top dudes at Yeousch!
by Yeousch>Machinima July 23, 2011
The greatest website, channel, and community that works to bring the Youtube gaming community together, bring quality video content, and give gamers/youtubers a place to communicate freely in an online environment.
Guy 1: "Where should I go to find amazing videos and interact with other gamers and youtubers?"

by CamperPhobe July 23, 2011
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