An attempt to give a positive response, but knowing you need to emphasise it whilst also initial attempting to issue a negative because you didn't hear the question, but realising before you start to speak
"Are you quite sure?"
by juli-wan March 29, 2009
Top Definition
Yeop: The much stronger form of the slang for yes, yepp.
Billy: Hey man, are you going to fuck your best friends sister tomorrow?

Michael: Yeop.
by Mr. biggleboggins January 30, 2010
An inbred hick term for "yup"
Usually said with a cheek full of dip and followed by a perfectly placed loogie into a distant tin can
Jeb: "EY MERV....we gonna LYNCH a pack a niggers tunite?!"
Merv: "YEOP"
Jeb: "N tar n FETHER too?!"
by DOPSSOPD April 11, 2014
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