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The source of an artist's inspiration. An amazing, beautiful, caring, creative, intelligent and funny girl who can do anything she sets her mind to. No many people have the opportunity to meet a Yenis, but those who had are very fortunate.
Kevin: Whoa!! I've never met a girl like that!! She must be a Yenis!!!
by chichi_23 February 04, 2010
24 7
Yeni is a beautiful girl with dreams to be accomplished. She never stops smiling for anyone. She is also lots of fun and HORNY! She can be a bitch though, don't doubt it.
You like to fuck? you are such a Yeni!
by x3yeni_ February 15, 2012
33 18
The male equivalent of yuss. A young hot male.
Alice: Wow. Did you just see that yenis walk by?
Matilda: Yeah! That was some good yenis!
Alice: He was so cute. I love young pretty boys.
by iloveyenis2k12 October 21, 2012
14 1
A girl who thinks she is a vampire but she only is a human being who loves cats and usually adopts between 18 to 35.

Most of the Yenis call their cats: Pooky, Truki, Crooki.
She is a cat lady. She is a Yenis
If she thinks she is a vampire, she probably is a Yenis
by ....12345 February 03, 2010
3 11