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(n.) A man or boy displaying douche-like qualities in social situations. (2) a short wizard or magician who displays douche-like qualities. (3) a cowardly boy; chickenshit

(v.) To exacerbate or worsen any situation. (2) to fuck up.
(n.) That Yench always brags about how "24" is better than "Lost," but he's just an insipid and obtuse fool.

(v.) I can't believe you didn't study until the last minute for finals. Way to Yench everything up.
by fsantoni13 February 03, 2010
1 Word related to Yench
A person who will often be douche to others because he/she is frustrated with his/her own problems.
"He's just being a yench because he's short."
by Comradeski February 03, 2010

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