Snow that has been pissed on (dont eat the yellow snow...less someones gunna play u alot of money)....yea ur gunna die
yellowish(sometimes more brown) colored snow
by Hiphopmegajam1964 January 28, 2005
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Snow that has been urinated in
Billy urinated in the snow and it turned yellow
by Anadonia October 15, 2003
The snow that you arn't supposed to eat.
"Don't eat the yellow snow Jimmy"
by yellowsnowisbad December 17, 2008
Snow that some sort of animal has "done its business in" which small children often mistake for lemonade. Dogs and cats are most often the producers of said snow, and it is quite toxic.

You're screwed if you eat/drink yellow snow!
by Random Concerned Person January 22, 2010
its when u decide to take a piss in snow put it in a cone and give it to your friend telling him its a lemon snow-cone.
your mom had some yellow snow without knowing it.
by UnrealSlayer September 25, 2005
When someone pees in the snow
He made yellow snow
by Wagamama April 08, 2015
Just to know, say no to yellowsnow.
by Hercolena Oliver August 23, 2009
(vb) When a girl really likes a guy so much that she will do anything with him including him jizzing and then urinating on her.

(Noun): Urine mixed with jizz
Example 1
Girl: OMG I just need you. I will let you yellow snow all over my face.
Guy: I just want to be friends.

Example 2:
Guy: I was masturbating but then suddenly had to go pee. I ended up having yellow snow all over my walls.
by money$$$$$$ October 03, 2013

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