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the asian version of Kobe Bryant's Nickname
the Yellow Mamba
did you see the Yellow Mamba last night? He got an A on his Calc test
by Ronny Cool March 16, 2011
The yellow mamba is a prestigious figure. He is known for his amazing shooting ability and tenascious defense on the basketball court. He occasionally goes for a one hand slam. He ended his high school career with a L.A CIF Championship at William Howard Taft high School, in Woodland Hills California. He is the one and only...Yellow Mamba
Look, it's the "Yellow Mamba"!
Damn bro, remember when the "Yellow Mamba" used to play at Taft?
Nickname for Jeremy Lin
The Yellow Mamba hit the game winning three versus the Raptos
by 1124234223535 April 15, 2015
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