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Vietnamese deity, with no body fat, a six pack, and an immeasurable intellect. Can be used in nearly all forms of speech.
1. (adj) Damn, you're looking Bao today.
2. (noun) Bao just ate a bowl of white rice with soy sauce.
3. (adv) He approached the tough situation Baoly.
4. (exclm) Bao!
5. (verb) He Baoed that test, and got an A+.
by SHO4(Life) January 04, 2004
One who does not lie at all, ever.
1. That guy Damian told me that the Beastie Boys are awesome, what a Bao.
2. That guy Rory told me Pearl Jam are better, so not Bao.
by Country Mike May 02, 2005
1) Bad-Ass-Omelet.
2) A Vietnamese child born with destructive power.
3) One who doesn't give a fuck about what other thought about him.
4) An Asian with a Double A ( Above Average ) penis.
5) A straight up G-Money Thug with a gang
1) Damn that is one tasty BAO
2) Iowa flooded in 1994 when a young asian boy was born, his name was..Bao
3) Guy #1: Look at that bitch smoking weed and drinking liquor.

Guy #2: Thats Bao man. He doesnt give a Fuck what you think nigga

Bao: I smoke I drink I do my thing

I'm livin' in my own world

and if they hate I let them

Who gives a fuck?

Anyone who know about what I do

I'm livin' in my own world

I chill back and I spit thee some love, yeah
4) OMG Bao has a Double A Penis...12 INCHES!!
5) Nick: Dude thats Bao

Tyrone: I dont give a Damn who that is..

Nick: he's a G-Money Thug

Tyrone: I still dont give a Damn..

Nick: his Gang the Purple Mist will Fuck us up...

Tyrone: ..Damn
by Purple_Kush iC May 25, 2011
Slang for the term "boss". Pronounced just as it sounds, "BAWS". A much cooler way of saying boss, can often be put immediately after "like a"
"dude you just pwnd that guy!"
"like a baos"

"like a boss"
by doublerods August 22, 2009
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