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A cool nickname that will easily earn 5 to 10 extra credit points when added to an English paper.
"A Well Thought Out Englilsh Paper"
by Kyle "The Yellow Dart" Smith
by Anonymous June 04, 2003
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A punk ass teen, who thinks that he is all that becuase he is 6'5. He harsses all the shortter kids but still has more friends than he should. He is on the curtis middle school basket ball team and a bench-warmmer. He is the tallest kid for his age.
"Dude, Yellow-Dart beat me up and called me short punk."

"I heard the Yellow-Dart tried to pull a venom and killed himself"
#jon #jonh #tall-kid #dude #hilmen
by Teh loughness-monsta June 03, 2009
The best maize star ever to walk the earth.
The Yellow Dart Thored that chick, till her brains blew.
by Thor a.k.a. The Yellow Dart April 08, 2003
Glorious midget type hacker from charlotte
you make baby jesus cry
by cole March 15, 2004
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