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(v.) To "yeek" means for one to either hack or be hacked on an online account (e.g: Facebook, WoW, Paypal) via phishing or keylogger.
Hacker: "lmao dud e i made this keylogger called 'Mayday's CS:S Hack VIP leak' and ive yeeked like fifty fucking accounts lol"

Guy: "I was downloaded a CS:S hack and my Paypal got fucking yeek'd!"
by tomFLA December 28, 2009
man dat girl got some nice yeeks

i would yeeks dat
by cellus January 17, 2005
A combination of yikes and eek. Yeeks is also usable.
"Yeek(s), you scared me!"
by jabberwock November 14, 2004
the word ignorant muhfuckas think ludacris uses in the song Get Back
yeek yeek woop woop why you all in mah ear, talkin a whole buncha shit that i aint tryin ta hear!
bitchass the song goes skeet skeet woop woop. get it right yah freak.
by trevytrev April 13, 2009

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