1. (verb)to puke, to throw up, to empty the contents of your stomach, to hurl

2. (noun)a person of extreme annoyance, bastardizing, and harrassment, and evil

3. (noun)a person of god like stature
1. awww man, that guy just yatesed all over the place. I'm going to yates all over you.

2. why do you have to be such a yates?

3. shiiiit, that kid is like the yates of writing.
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
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Coming from a High School professor in TN, a "Yates" is a man who can do lots and lots of odd-ball things, is way the f*ck too smart, and doesn't give a sh*t lick on a dog's dick about how he dresses/looks. AKA: A kick-ass dude.
Whoa... Stalin looks like Yates...
by The Argonaut March 03, 2005
A combination of yeah and great. can also be spelled Y8 or Y888 if something is that great.
"Yo, i got a whole pack of newports!"

"yate yate!"
by SmokeMaddBlunts April 21, 2009
1. Affirmative statement that does not necessarily give a specific answer to a question.
Q. Do you want Chipotle?
A. Yates.
by TKraemer April 16, 2008
To use your body or sexual persuasion in order to get drugs or high.
"That girl pulled a yates last night and got half my stash!"
by Donthemon May 11, 2013
The bro way to say yes
Bro # 1: Should I get a case of budweiser for later?
Bro # 2: Yates, Yates, Yates
by Sticky Swine May 24, 2007
Smallish town in Bristol
Dude, lets go to yate.
by Adam ;D March 21, 2009
A Shit and Semen mix.
I pulled my dick out of her ass and there was Yates all over it!
by Jphole September 28, 2013

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