The line that runs down the scrotum on a man
Look at that Speedo wearing yatch. He should stick a sock in there or something!
by tharper October 26, 2004
Shortened form of Biznatch. Or another term for a bitch.
"Sup Yatch!"
by Justin Drust October 11, 2002
Another name for a vagina
" smells like yatch in here"
" did you see her yatch?"
by facetious one June 28, 2009
Used by my friend and I to talk about girls that used to always come up to us and try to talk smack. Taken from 'young' and 'bitch'. Usually a ghetto ass girl who is always trying to start some drama
"... here comes that yatch Nikki"
by Latanya Baker April 26, 2004

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