A short response meaning "yeah sure".
Did you wanna go to the movies? Yash!
#yes #ok #sure #cool #yeah
by Nader H. May 09, 2008
Top Definition
A boy or a man (usually a man) with the sexual prowess of a lion and the durability of a fucking jackrabbit. Great affinity of pleasuring women multiple times orally and penis-ally. Possesses superior intelligence and smartness, therefore easily attracting the opposite sex (vaginas). Also, more often than not, he's got the look.
Gisele: "Oh my god, he made me orgasm like 28 times last night and lasted for a whole 11 hours."
Heidi: "Wow you just got yourself a Yash, bitch!"
#yahs #sex god #big cock #amazing fucker #blowjob lover #super fucking smart
by Sampoornavruksh July 05, 2010
Funny, usually polite and quiet,like a real gentleman, good with the ladies, cute, and good looking, and means fame.
thats "YASH"
"YASH" is very yash
#cute #funny #yosh #good looking #kind
by man on earth April 17, 2009
Basically the perfect guy. Extremely handsome. Every girl's type. Besides his immensely attractive physical features, a Yash is incredibly intelligent. He is passionate about everything he does and works so hard at things that he becomes a prodigy. A Yash is not afraid of challenging people, but also has tact and knows when to be kind and sensitive. Yashes can actually put their emotions into words, unlike most guys these days. They can be a little prideful sometimes,but they know when they need advice or help and have the maturity to ask for it. A Yash can be very protective, affecting, and sweet, but most of the time they are the kind of guy who you rely on for a laugh. They are always extremely witty, but many people misunderstand their sense of humor and think that a Yash is rude. You have to really take the time to get to know a Yash to fully appreciate one. Yashes are amazing friends who will tease you constantly but will always be there for you when you truly need him. They are astonishingly accepting. If you meet a Yash, pursue a friendship with him--you won't regret it!
Guy 1:"OMG there is no way I can pass this test. I'm going to fail the class!"
Yash: "Dude no problem, I'll help you study every night before the test. You got this!"

Girl 1: "Most guys are such douchebags, I wish I could find a Yash!"
Girl 2: "I heard Yashes are rude!"
Girl 1: "No, definitely not! You just have to get to know them first!"
#perfect #handsome #hilarious #amazing #witty #prodigy #intelligent
by whyareyouevenlookingatthis September 08, 2013
Nice guy, cares for his friend, has gone through a lot in life, loves the people that care.
Ruchika- Here comes Yash! Sup?
Sachi- Sup Yash?
#funny #kind #sweet #caring #depressed
by Sonziiboo December 15, 2011
A typical Indian. One who participates in a variety of activities and still finds time to be studious. A person who is always tagged on facebook whenever help is needed. Usually complies with the requests if he/she finds themselves in a "good mood".
Dude, you didn't do those outlines?!?!?! ....let's tag Yash and get them from him.
#yash #helpful #cool #awesome #grade-saver #smart
by nupdogg January 18, 2012
it is a quiet name of god Shankar. It also means fame.
God Shankar's name.
by Yash November 19, 2003
He's awesome, hot, a really nice guy who is addicted to big bang theory. He never fails to put a smile on your face. He is also the next 007
#awesome #yash #yash sinha #hot #kind
by niggaweed September 18, 2013
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