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A Yariela is Very fun and out-going , She is always hyper and no matter what she can cheer u up she is a goddess of beauty amongst us humans with a jaw-dropping figure, a stunning smile with deep joy filled dimples, with medium length flowing jet black hair, and eyes you can loose yourself in. she always gives great hugs, and is a very loving person. She can be shy, but shes open to things when she lets loose. Yarielas can be nicknamed Lela. She may, at certain times smell like apples, do not be alarmed if you are a guy because this is a good thing ;)...she will also probably deny the smell of apples.
A Yariela loves people whose names start with A and end with ustin because they are amazing.
by Bubba T 2012 April 10, 2011
A sexy beast that’s sexual prowess is only surpassed by her nearly irresistible beauty.
Yariela went to the bar and all the men were instantly attracted
by The unmistakable April 10, 2011
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