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1. A person who enjoys to chatter non-stop. This is usually the person who you constantly think "Will you shut the fuck up?!" around.

2. Another word for "mouth."
1. "Oh did you see Johnny the other day? What long hair..I think he needs to cut it. On second thought I think i'll just invite him over and suggest he do that...Did you catch that news report about the..oh well, it's to embarassing to say..."

2. Will you shut your fucking yapper?!
by PersonWhoIsSomething-Lizterine January 28, 2005
Highly overcompensated executives and managers of the internal corporate culture with strong emphasis on interpersonal verbal skills, yet weak in technical and managerial soft skills; their only product is their word. Strong focus on giving back to the community and celebrating, while holding down compensation for productive staff and workers.
"These Yappers yap the pay and medical insurance of any positions they can't outsource."

"Yes, and there is always a corporate underpimp willing to uphold a Yapper. No wonder the workers are screwed."
by kbaltered August 17, 2014
Somebody who is constanly talking and knows more then he should know, and tells everyone he is associated with all that he knows. Most of the time you will see him in the corner on the cell with a "211".
1. One who would sit at the computer and actually define what a yap means is a "yapper".
2. People with a nextel have symptons of a
3. If you turn off your phone and when you turn it on again all messages begin with "U fucking yap", you are a yapper.
by Raffi Torres November 13, 2004
A marijuana blunt laced with crack cocaine
Whats the business nig? we right here smoking these yappers mane, got that five on the ping mane?
by Realweedmane June 17, 2005
another word for "mouth"
especially when the "mouth" on the person gets out of "hand" or out of control, one must take action...
"OMG, look, just stop, SHUT YOUR YAPPER!"

"If I listen to another word, I think I'll go into a coma, come on, just close it, zip up theyapper."

"I'll count to three, and if you don't shut the yapper, I'll shut it for you!"
by writah' August 31, 2008
1. Someone who talks way too much, usually about things of no importance or some bull**** that he/she needs the world to hear.

2. Yappers are sometimes prone to violence, but don't worry they only "Yap"
Jim: Hey John, wasn't that lecture so brutal ?
John: It wasn't too bad, the only thing that pissed me off was the Yappers in the back who wouldn't stop interrupting the professor with all their bull****
by SFU Kid January 24, 2013
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