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A small town on Eastern Long Island, NY consisting of several bars filled with ZZ top look a likes, keg parties in the woods on a hill, a smaller village you're not allowed to live in unless you're German or Polish and various other small town anomalies.

Fashion is confined to cowboy or work boots, wrangler jeans and white T-shirts. Camo or cowboy hats are optional. Women wear the same.

The local transportation of choice is pick up trucks with off road tires flying confederate flags. Vehicles may also include gun racks, camouflage, mounted coolers/kegs or a deer carcass (during hunting season or not).

Local past times include bathing in Yaphank Lake (only wearing cut off blue jeans),looking for dear sheads, poaching animals, drinking at the firehouse or with in sight of it, and woodsing cars (getting drunk and driving an old car through the woods until it stops only to light it on fire).

Key places to visit:
- Upper Lake
- Lower Lake
- The Hill
- Mill House
- Black Rock
- German Deli
- German Town
- Suffolk County Police HQ
- Jail
- Parking lot across from Fire Department
I was at the gas station and saw this slut that was wearing work boots and a camouflage jump suit, she must have been from Yaphank.
by EW0 February 04, 2011
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