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Somebody who dresses, speaks, walks and generally behaves like they hail from the US of A when in reality they live with their Mum in a bungalow in Chipping Norton. They bounce when they walk, high five at every available opportunity, talk really loudly and listen to RnB or gangster rap. Some Yankophiles also have a habit of hitching one trouser leg up to their knee. They are hated by everybody apart from the other inbred, binge eating, gangster wannabe miscreants they hang around with.
A: "Did Clive have Polio when he was a kid? He seems to be limping."
B: "No, he's a Yankophile"
A: "Has he lost a lot of weight? That vest top looks like a nightie"
B: "No, he's a Yankophile"
A: "I can't understand a word he's saying. He seems to be talking in some sort of ghetto speak and his fingers look all contorted like he has spina bifida"
B: "Don't worry! He's just pretending to be something he's not in a misguided attempt to gain some sort of respect from his peers. He lives with his Mum in a sleepy Cotswold town and isn't any more gangster that my Nan. Fucking useless, drawling Yankophile."
by Dandy Master of the Universe August 24, 2008
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