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The process of withdrawing during the act of fellatio, when climax is realized, and inserting the head of the penis into the nasal canal in order to ejaculate.
Mike's olfactory senses seemed to be disturbed ever since Drew surprized him with a yankee candle while in the throws of passion.
by thatfatboy December 12, 2004
1) A store featuring the best candles on the market
2) My future workplace
"Omg is that a yankee candle? They smell amazing!"
by Lindina October 13, 2006
When you shave off your gooch hair, put it in a jar, and set it on fire for a nice aroma.
He gave his mom a Yankee Candle for her birthday.
Don't come near me with that Yankee Candle.
You smell like a Yankee Candle.
by dwfz March 10, 2014
Pouring hot wax over an erect penis for sexual pleasure
I yankee candled by boyfriend last night
by birdman29 December 13, 2014
Anything flaming and homoish.
Dude..Elton John is so yankee candle.
by Fry August 07, 2004
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