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3 definitions by Lindina

1) Starwars themed potato head
2) English Classroom Bathroom pass
Mr.Mateas wouldnt let Janine go use the bathroom without taking Darth tater with her.
by Lindina October 13, 2006
1) A store featuring the best candles on the market
2) My future workplace
"Omg is that a yankee candle? They smell amazing!"
by Lindina October 13, 2006
1) A certian boy/stalker that closely resembles a zucchini
2) Not only does he look like a zucchini, his name is zach, akazucchini
3) He likes Video games and riding his midget bike, while stalking kayley
"OMG you guys! I saw the Zucchini at Safeway! When he looked at me I just ran."
by Lindina October 13, 2006