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Yangee; Noun

Yangees; Plural
Yanj (Old English)
Emmra (Latin)

A Freshly Washed Sock Wrapped Around Ones Finger That Still Contains The Scent Of Washing Powder, Which The User Then Smells For Satisfaction.

Often Confused With Yankee.
Yangee Have Been Commonly Found While Walking Along Canals.
1. *Sniff* Aww Yeaah Thats some good Yangee
2. My Yangee is a Fenga Papit
3. Hey mom got any Yangee for me
4. Sometimes I eat my Yangee
by Tinysaur October 24, 2011
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From Ying and Yang; being cool or chill.
"My parents are away for the weekend"
" Thats Yangee af"
by hahafkid May 05, 2017
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