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One Of Neo Geo's Fighters From Their King Of Fighters Series. Known For Being A Complete Nutcase. He Only Fights For Two Reasons - He Enjoys The Pain Of Others and He Likes Money... Also A Descendant Of The Orochi Clan. His Overall Design Is Rather Pimp, As Goes With The Design Itself. Known For His Absoloute Ownage Of Capcom Vs SNK 2 Along With His Occasional Employer Geese Howard.
Ryuji Yamazaki Walked Onto The Stage, Ryu Charged A Hadouken. Yamazaki Promptly Retrned It and Blew Ryu's Head Off. Yamazaki Then Pointed and Laughed Like The Psycho He Is Before Collecting His Money...
by Ryuji Yamazaki January 17, 2005
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