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A beautiful name that means "Dove" and represents "Peace". Only unique people are named "Yamama" that is why this name is very unique.
Person 1: Hey, what's your name?
Person 2: It's Yamama.
Person 1: YO MAMA.

Person 2: No, it's Yamama. It means "Dove".
Person 1: Oh, I've never met anyone with that name.
Person 2: Yeah, well..Yamamas are unique.
by i-love-cats-333 July 07, 2010
12 2
came from the words, your mother... originally used by black people to insult ones mother.. now white people just say it in a high pitch to be annoying.
YA MAMA is a hoochie
by Jennifaa March 03, 2005
20 19

Usually used as short form for "your mother is a prostitute"
- you got a problem, punk??
- yeah, ya mama!
by James September 08, 2003
21 22