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The act of being poor and unable to buy necessities such as food and proper clothing except for tribal t-shirts and floating caps (also known as mat caps). Yalaming usually also involves stealing food be it from your friends, classmates or the nearby provision shop. Usually when in the act of Yalaming, one would also steal some rokok (cigarettes). Yalaming also means getting your motorbike or skateboard that you either stole or bought using a loan from your friend that you will never return. Yalaming usually refers to Malays being themselves. Yalaming can also mean acting/being stupid as shit.
John:" Wow, look at Khairul yalaming all of Dans food! He doesn't have enough money to buy food but still can buy and smoke rokok! "
Lucas:" Well, what can we do? He is a malay after all. "

Khairul:" Eh abang (bro), spare me one rokok ah sia!"
Syafiq:" Eh sorry ah bro. I finish my last stick just now. Want to go yalaming from the nearby 7-11?"
Khairul:" Eh set ah! How many pack you want to steal? "

Faizal:" Eh abang look at my new bike! I customise by myself eh bro! Nice or not? "
Sam:" Eh fuck you la. Liar I saw you yalaming it off a primary one boy just now. "
by Yalamster October 17, 2013
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