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Originating from online fraud/419 scam used by fraudsters when emailing potential marks. Yahoo was the foremost email account used by them. Since its origin, the word is now used to describe the act of online fraud, a nigerian fraudster and the fraudster lifestyle.
"he is one of the them yahooze boys"

"My guy, how are we goint to eat?"...

"...ah ah?! yahooze now"
by maknaija December 24, 2008
The Word YAHOOZE is a Nigerian word that orginates from the word Yahoo.The yahooze here represent the whole internet.It is the act of using internet to earn your money.Yahooze also has its dance steps.
A company that is established and operates online is praticing Yahooze . A typical example is Yahooze.org
by www.yahooze.org August 04, 2007