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A Yahoo Answer trolls is usually someone who enjoys to annoy everyone else on Yahoo Answers (but some aren't like that). The Yahoo Answers Trolls are usually found in the Polls & Surveys category but they sometimes venture into other categories. But there are many types of Yahoo Answers Trolls.
The Scroll Troll: A troll who loves to create an incredibly long answer so you cannot see the other answers without scrolling down the screen for at least 5 minutes. The smart thing to do when you see a scroll troll is to thumb them down.
The Reporter Trolls: Reports innocent questions and answers that are not angianst the community guidelines just for fun.
Spam Troll: A troll who always asks the same question or always answers with the same answer.
Funny Trolls: Trolls that make the Yahoo Answers users laugh. Unlike the other trolls, these trolls are actually liked by most of the Yahoo users.
Person 1: Do you go on Yahoo Answers?
Person 2: Yea, but its invaded with trolls!
Person 1: That sucks
Person 2: I know! Yahoo Answers Trolls are so annoying!
by Goldenfur productions May 18, 2011
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First, Yahoo Answers used to be an educational site to ask and answer questions. Now, there's trolls on it. If you use Yahoo Answers and are not a noob or a Top Contributor, you're most likely a troll. Trolls are smartass people who usually tell inside jokes.
Answer of a Yahoo Answers Troll:

Q: "What's the best movie?"

by Zwinky Is Irrelephant February 24, 2011

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