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A Yahoo Answer trolls is usually someone who enjoys to annoy everyone else on Yahoo Answers (but some aren't like that). The Yahoo Answers Trolls are usually found in the Polls & Surveys category but they sometimes venture into other categories. But there are many types of Yahoo Answers Trolls.
The Scroll Troll: A troll who loves to create an incredibly long answer so you cannot see the other answers without scrolling down the screen for at least 5 minutes. The smart thing to do when you see a scroll troll is to thumb them down.
The Reporter Trolls: Reports innocent questions and answers that are not angianst the community guidelines just for fun.
Spam Troll: A troll who always asks the same question or always answers with the same answer.
Funny Trolls: Trolls that make the Yahoo Answers users laugh. Unlike the other trolls, these trolls are actually liked by most of the Yahoo users.
Person 1: Do you go on Yahoo Answers?
Person 2: Yea, but its invaded with trolls!
Person 1: That sucks
Person 2: I know! Yahoo Answers Trolls are so annoying!
by Goldenfur productions May 18, 2011
First, Yahoo Answers used to be an educational site to ask and answer questions. Now, there's trolls on it. If you use Yahoo Answers and are not a noob or a Top Contributor, you're most likely a troll. Trolls are smartass people who usually tell inside jokes.
Answer of a Yahoo Answers Troll:

Q: "What's the best movie?"

by Zwinky Is Irrelephant February 24, 2011
A Yahoo Answers Troll is a troll that lurks on Yahoo Answers and does all kinds of things. They always break the Yahoo Answers Community Guidelines. It is highly recommended that you report any kind of troll. Most, if not all, trolls will use the 'Anonymous' feature so that they wont get blocked and/or reported. Well you can report their answers and questions but what I mean by 'report' is reporting their account to Yahoo Answers Team. The anonymous feature is there so that legit users can use it if they are not ok with showing their name when asking a question or answering one. But unfortunately, the trolls abuse that feature. Any troll that uses the anonymous feature will forever be a coward. You will find trolls mostly on the Polls & Surveys section. But you could find trolls in other sections as well. There are different types of trolls on Yahoo Answers. Here is a list of the different types of trolls:

- Reporter Trolls: are trolls that report legitimate questions and answers just for fun.

- Spam Trolls: are trolls that just spam Yahoo Answers with the same things over and over again.

- Scroll Trolls: are trolls that post ridiculously long answers and you have to keep on scrolling for like a few minutes to see the other answers.

- Funny Trolls: are trolls that say funny things on Yahoo.

- Insult Trolls: are trolls that insult other users of Yahoo.

- Anonymous Trolls: are trolls that go anonymous and may do all kinds of things ranging from reporting to insulting.
Yahoo Answers Troll: I feel powerful behind the screen. No one can touch me hahahaha
by Yahoo Answers FBI February 15, 2015
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