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To constantly text people asking for their input, often when you already know what you're gonna do. Often used when picking up women, deciding what club to go to next, or other common sense activities.
Alex (via text) to Rick: "You, there's a hot model all up in my business. Should I buy her a drink?"

Rick to Jackson: "F'ing Alex is always Yabbling me every time he's at the strip club."

Jackson to Rick: "Tell Alex if he Yabbles you one more time you're gonna call his wife."
by Jaz3 May 24, 2012
Regal definition referring to the act of vomiting explosively, which produces the ya----bb-leeeeeee effect. Origins can also be traced to the original usage of yabble dabble doo, which was cut short for more repetitive usage. Most commonly seen at venues carrying alcoholic beverages and scandalous women.
Billy : Man it smells like death in here...oh snap whats that in the cup?

Tron : Cheese and rice billy, its mofoing yabble! Time to bounce on the double!
by Cap Tron September 08, 2009
Term used in place of cocaine by people in the middle/upper class. Often used when looking for sellers as the word itself can destroy your reputation or cause serious problems for a local dealer.
Hey Bob hows it going? You doing good? That's great hey listen uh... does your guy still got that yabbles? Oh, he don't sell that no more? That's cool man I was just wondering because my boy was looking for a connect.
by bbg619 March 15, 2009
The act of getting a Penis inserted into your ear.
daniel got yabbles when playing Halo 2.
by Bobby Tom February 25, 2008
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