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Wherea 1 minute video on youtube seems like 5 minutes real time, 2 minute video seems like 25. This is multiplied exponentially until you reach the 10 minute video cap placed by youtube so they aren't to blame for you dying while watching their site. Thank you technology for giving us all the attention span of a goldfish.
Ex 1:
Dude: "I'll be over in 3 minutes."

Chick: "You live 2 hours away?"

Dude: "3 minutes YTT biotch!"

Ex 2:
Dude: "Damn B, that video on youtube is 4 minutes long?!"

Chick: "This better be a damn good video; I got sammiches to make!"

YTT (You Tube Time)
by slantyshanty October 12, 2010
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