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YSG or Yolo Swag God or Blueglass, Real name Jared Minnihan.

YSG stood out amongst the crowd on AGDQ 2013. He did a 40 minute speedrun of Ecco: The Dolphin and currently holds the worlds record in this game.

Blueglass attented nearly all runners on AGDQ and is therefor respected amongst a lot of viewers and runners.

Blueglass is also famous for his laughs, claps, and interest in games.
Guy1: Where is YSG?
Guy2: He's off cam somewhere
Guy1: Aww I came to view the stream 'sspecially for YSG
Guy2: Yeah I know right! YSG is the best thing about AGDQ!
by Ricewind19901 January 15, 2013
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An acronym for "You're so gay!"
Her: GTS
Him: I'm not even tired!
Her: GFS
Him: WOWWW i am!
by ESHUANG March 19, 2008

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